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black and white, pomegranate
black and white, inside-out building, Lloyd's building, london

Lloyd’s Building, London

london, Rothko, Seagram Murals, Tate Modern

The Seagram Murals

ad, doors, london, underground
black and white, british museum, london, parthenon sculptures

Selene Horse, Parthenon Sculptures

london, St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

london, photograph through a window, restaurant
london, motion blur, queen's guards
london, statue, Statue of Winston Churchill

Statue of Winston Churchill, Parliament Square, London

castle, ireland, ruins
photograph through the windshield, sun set
castle, ireland, rain
black and white, ireland, tree
ocean, sea, water, waves
black and white, words on paper
blurry, horse, motion blur
black and white, skeleton
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